Oishi Redmond

Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Best Japanese Food in Redmond

Serving you the most delicious and authentic Japanese Cuisine in Redmond is our pride and joy!

Our true Japanese taste will keep you coming back and surprise your palate giving you the best of what Japan can offer.

Always Fresh

Everything we serve every single day is guaranteed FRESH! This is the Oishi guarantee as soon as you enter the doors of our humble restaurant we make sure that you only get natural and unprocessed.


The traditional Japanese diet is rich in minimally processed, fresh, seasonal foods. It contains very small amounts of added sugars, fats, or animal protein and promotes fish, seafood, rice, noodles, seaweed, soy, fruit, and vegetables.


Our chef uses authentic techniques to prepare our menu for our customers to experience a legit Japanese succulent food experience. Oishi is delicious in Nihongo!

Customer Reviews

We loved the colorful variety on the menu and they had lovely pictures to help with decisions. We went on a busy night but it was well worth the wait for a table.

Scarlet V.

Excellent food in a great environment. The service was excellent, speedy, and friendly. The dessert was flavorful and beautiful. Overall, highly recommended!

Russ Taylor